musicohlic production

Musicohlic is an Artistic & Event Management company based on Delhi which is into managing the careers of talented and prospective artists. The agency provides and organize events for their exclusive and associate artist, the agency was established to foster the objective of discovering and nurturing new talents and work towards the career development of the next generation artists.

” I don’t have a theoretical language for music. I’m really inspired by sculpture, so I like to say, I like to say, ‘ you’re not making music, you’re creating a space. You’re building a room, putting some objects in it, and seeing what happens to the objects over time.”


We provide high end music for your brand. We are always appreciate for our unique sound and music programing. We do all our genres, structures and sound. We provide recording services in our studio with the best equipment’s. 


Our main vision is to spot, groom and promote talent which often goes unnoticed.